Welcome to the Red Planet.

Red Rocks is an otherworldly music venue. We call it the Red Planet.


Tribute Posters:

Famous musicians who have performed on the Red Planet over the years.


Digital Ads:

Placed on Ticketmaster & Stubhub. We intercept people searching for concerts and recruit them to watch their favorite musicians on the Red Planet instead.

Direct Mailer:

Concert goers are sent this after purchasing tickets to Red Rocks. Includes Welcome Letter and Red Planet Survival Kit.


Welcome Letter:



Survival Kit:

Kit includes sunglasses, glow stick, water bottle and bandana.




Before the gates open for the concert, specially-designed astronaut helmets are randomly distributed throughout the seating area.


Exclusive laser show:

Concert-goers lucky enough to snatch up a helmet enjoy a 3D laser show only they can see.


With helmet :


Without helmet:

AD: Grace Martin